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    Week 1

    Automated Logic Control (Programming)

      Introduction to the PLC and Automation Devices
      ·         History of PLC Definition of PLC

    ·         Input and output structure of PLC

    ·         Hardware of PLC

    ·         General specification & performance of PLC

    ·         Basic & Applied instruction Commands

    ·         Installation of PLC software

    ·         Software commands

      Introduction to SIMATIC Step 7 Family
      ·         Over View of LOGO PLC

    ·         Over View of S7-200 PLC

    ·         Over View of S7-300 PLC

    ·         Over View of S7-400 PLC

    ·         Over View of S7-1200 PLC

    ·         Over View of S7-1500 PLC

    ·         Programming and Communication Devices

      Block architecture and Block editor
      ·         Program Structures & Execution

    ·         Program Blocks

    ·         LAD / STL / FBD Editors

    ·         Binary Operations

    ·         AND, OR, XOR

    ·         NO/NC Contacts

      Digital Operations
      ·         Data Types – Integer, Real, BCD

    ·         Timers & Counters

    ·         Accumulators

    ·         Data Management & Conversions

      Training unit and addressing
      ·         Training System Variants

    ·         Symbols

    ·         Installation/Maintenance of PLC

    ·         Configuring S7 components

    ·         Installation rules

    ·         Electrical Configuration

    ·         Wiring of S7 modules

      SIMATIC Manager Software
      ·         SIMATIC Manager

    ·         Project Structures

    ·         Creating a Project

    ·         SIMATIC Manager tools

    ·         CPU memory reset

    ·         Retrieving a project

    ·         Memory Card operations

    ·         Symbolic Addressing

    ·         Editor Tools

    ·         Importing & Exporting

      Hardware configuration and commissioning
      ·         CPU Properties and Parameterization

    ·         Hardware Configuration methods

    ·         Remote I/O Connections

    ·         CPU Clock Memory

    ·         Check list

    ·         Module indicators

    ·         Variable table

    ·         Troubleshooting

      Human Machine Interface (HMI)
      ·         Installation of HMI software to your PC

    ·         Downloading projects

    ·         Establishing communications

    ·         Editing tags

    ·         Control & monitoring

    ·         Menu Bar Commands and their Function

      Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
      ·         Overview of SCADA

    ·         Designing SCADA

    ·         Tag & Linking SCADA

    WEEK 2
    Programming Training
      Practical Knowledge on local Market based working modules
      ·         Artificial Fishpond Water Level Monitoring System

    ·         Automatic door control

    ·         Automatic liquids mixing control system,

    ·         Automatic coffee maker

    ·         Traffic Signal Model

    ·         Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

      ·         Simple program for operating the conveyor

    ·          Operating conveyor program for using counting the parts

    ·          Program for operating the conveyor using different sensor, Program for Sorting the different sized objects carried on conveyor


    Experiment Details

    (02 weeks advance Course)

    SR. NO Name of Experiments
    Practical Knowledge on local market based working modules
    01 Artificial Fishpond Water Level Monitoring System

    (Flashing Circuit) (Feeding or draining water automatically when the water level of artificial fishpond is not at the normal level. In addition to feeding / draining water, enabling the alarm and alarm lamp when the water is above or below the alarm level. Stopping the alarm when RESET is pressed.

    02 Automatic door control

    (When someone enters the infrared sensing field, opening motor start working to open the door automatically till the door touches the opening limit switch. If the door touches the opening limit switch for 7 sec and nobody enters the sensing field, the closing motor start working to close the door automatically till the closing limit switch touched together. Stop the closing action immediately if someone enters the sensing field during the door closing process. )

    03 Automatic liquids mixing control system

    (Automatically infusing the container with liquids A and B in order when START is pressed. When it reaches the set level, mix the two liquid evenly then open the valve to let out the mixture.

    04 Automatic coffee maker

    (Making the paper cup come out of the outlet when a coin is inserted. At the same time. The coffee pours in the mixing container. After 2 sec, the hot water pours in .60 sec later;   the ready-made coffee will be pouring out from the coffee outlet.)

    05 Wash basin auto water tap connection

    prepare Electrical circuit and convert into Ladder diagram control program)

    06 Traffic Signal Model

    Two way and four way traffic signal models.

    07 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

    Prepare ATS system to control electric supply for system using generator and WAPDA supply.



    Training based assignments

    The trainee (s) will have to do the following common assignments under the supervision of trainer.

    S.No. Assignments Process
    01 Molding


    Plastic item product manufactured by an injection molding machine. Once the product has been molded the molds are opened to allow the finished product to retrieve. The molds are still hot when they are opened so the operator controlling

    The machine has push button control over an ejection pin. This forces the product out of the molds without endangering the operator. Once the molds are emptied the operator must decide if they should be cleaned with a jet of hot air or lubricated to allow the product to leave the molds easier. This is only a part of a much larger program; programming interlocks between different sections will be added on completion of the whole project.

    02 Waste collection


    Make a solution control program of Waste collection vehicle

    When the vehicle is filled with waste, to its designed weight capacity, no more waste should be loaded.

    The compactor is uniquely designed as part of the loading area. The compactor pivots from horizontal to vertical.

    When compaction is taking place the operator must not be able to access the loading area.

    The steel shutter must be prevented from closing if the operator is trapped between the closing shutter and the vehicle body work.

    The whole truck body is raised when emptying takes place.

    Truck has 08 inputs and 07 out puts.




    ­­­The pass outs of this course can find job / employment opportunities following sectors / areas:-

    1. Fauji fertilizer
    2. Engro chemical
    3. Packages Ltd
    4. Prince electric company
    5. Automation Industrials
    6. Food industries
    7. Chemical industries
    8. Automobile
    9. Power Industries
    10. Oil and Gas
    11. Water Treatment


    • Manuals of the PLC and other catalogs of the equipment
    • Mitsubishi
    • Fatak
    • Weintek
    • Delta
    • SYNTEC


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