By studying Graphic Design students will have a wider horizon in the field of art and will Demonstrate artistic growth by executing a variety of images/ text as images, traditional and contemporary techniques that solve complex design problems using creative thinking and analytical skills.
    Develop and demonstrate their understanding and skillful use of the elements and principles of visual design (1. conceptual element, 2. visual element, 3. relational element & 4. practical or functional element.)

    Gain skill to use the digital tools as a powerful means of communication for creation, modification & presentation.

    Study the works of contemporary artists, designers as well as the masters in the field and discuss and enrich their vocabulary of design.

    Learn ways to apply aesthetic sensibilities into their works and explore ways to balance between formal theories with practical applications.

     Introduction to Graphic Designing

    Elements of Graphic Designing, Alignment, Hierarchy , Contrast , Repetition, Proximity, Balance, Color, Space etc.

    Starting with Adobe Photoshop

    Photoshop retouching/cutouts, Compositing and color correction,  Raster vs Vector, Ecommerce products cropping, Simple social media post,  Some master tools, Project work practice etc.

    Starting with Adobe illustrator

    Creating and working with vector graphics. Icon design, Illustration, typography  Character design, Pattern design, Creating logo, Tracing, Best Practice, Create images for web and print etc.

    Starting with Corel DRAW

    Brand identity design, Print media, Vector work, Pattern design, Some advance tools, Tracing, Best Practice, create images for web and print etc.

    Introduction to UI/UX in Graphic Designing

    Flow, Wire framing, Prototype designing,  Mockups, Common UI elements, Drawing and Sketching, Inspirational material etc.

    Web and Mobile UI/UX Designing

    Ecommerce, One Page, Flat, Static, Android, iphone,  Microsites, Portals, Blogs, Banners, Signup forms, Icons, Dashboards, Themes etc.

     Social Media Marketing Designs

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, instagram, YouTube ,  Banners, Covers, Posts, Sizes, Ads, Campaigns, Newsletters, Mail signature, Best practice etc.

    Print Media Design, Advertisement

    Brochures, Flyers, Catalog, Standee, Business cards, Packaging Designs,  Sizes, Colors, File types for print, Bleed, Trim and safe area, Resolution, CMYK vs Pantone etc.

    Corporate Branding

    Identity, Case study and examples, Value, Key colors, Rebranding Logo, Stationary, Emails, Website, Documents, Social media, Clothing, Print media, Best practice etc.

    Portfolio, CV Design

    Portfolio assets, Online/Physical portfolios, Presentation Freelancing, Internship, Inspirational material, Demonstrated ability to learn & use new technology etc.

    Final Project

    Points will be subtracted for disruptions or off task behavior. It will be assumed that you are having a hard time and you need a reminder to respect the classroom environment.

    Grading Scale: Project 50%, Class work 30%, Attendance 20%, TOTAL=100%

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