Certified Quality Management Professional (CQMP)

Certified Quality Management Professional (CQMP)


    Organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and quality of services and products are being consistently improved, must implement Quality Management System

    Kaizen Quest has designed this certification course with the aim to develop the professionals through providing them the latest knowledge necessary to implement the requirements of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015). Through this course professionals shall learn all necessary aspects of Quality Management at implementation level of Bloom;s Taxonomy.


    Sr# Modules Title Contents of the Modules Training
    1 Introduction to Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) Quality, Quality Management, Quality Dimensions, ServQual Model, Evolution of Quality, Purpose of ISO 9001, Overview of Requirements of 9001:2015 12
    2 The Process Approach in ISO 9001:2015 Definition of Process, What is process approach? Benefits of Process Approach? PDCA a process Management tool? Examples 6
    3 Process Standardization, SOP writing , Process Flow Charting Why Standardization, Standardized Work, Benefits of Standardization, Process Flow Charts, Process Flow Charts Types, Visio for Process Flow Charts 6
    4 Workplace Organization 5S, Ergonomics 6
    5 KPI Development & Reporting on the basis of PDCA Objectives and Targets, How to develop Key performance Indicators, Effective Reporting using Deming PDCA Cycle, Case Studies 6
    6 Human Resource Management Designing Training and Development System 12
    7 Product Design and Development Management Product/Service design and Development Stages, Case Studies 6
    8 Suppliers Management/Procurement Supplier Selection, Supplier Performance Evaluation, Joint Product Development with Suppliers, Supplier System Evaluation, Supplier Development 12
    9 Equipment Management Equipment Maintenance, Total Productive Maintenance, Equipment Calibration 6
    10 Document Management What are documents? Requirements of ISO 9001, How to control Documents? 3
    11 Legal Requirements for ISO 9001 Implementation Factory Act 1938, and Other Legal Requirements for ISO 9001:2015 6
    12 Data Analysis for Process Control, Decision Making, and Improvement Data, types of Data, Descriptive Analysis of Data, Normal Distribution of Data, Process Capability Analysis, Application of Standard Normal Curve, Control Charts, Box Plots, Histogram, Pareto Chart, Stratification, Scatter Chart 24
    13 Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Gage R & R 6
    14 Customer Satisfaction/Complaint Management How to make system for customer satisfaction, and customer Complaints? 6
    15 Leadership and Management Approaches for QMS Program Overview of Leadership and Management Approaches for QMS Program 6
    16 5-Principles for Problem Solving Introduction to Problem Solving Techniques,

    Correction, Corrective Action, Preventive action, 5 Principles for Problem Solving

    17 Budget & Asset Management How to manage the costs, expenditures and assets of the organization? How to manage budget? 6
    18 QMS Audit Management Audit Planning, Audit Execution, Audit techniques, Report Writing, 6
    19 Project Management for ISO 9001 Implementation Projects, Project Management, Project Appraisal,  Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring, and Project Control 6

    TOTAL TRAINING HOURS                  147

    Learning Outcomes

    To enable professionals design, implement, analyze, control and improve the Quality Management System and its related methodologies effectively in service and manufacturing sector

    Assessment Criteria

    MCQ Based Examination: – 65%

    Class participation: –            5%

    Quizzes /Assignments: –      10%

    Project: –                                20%

    Course Curriculum

    Section 1: Introduction
    Introduction to Photography FREE 00:20:00
    Light Field Photography 00:05:00
    Image Forming Techniques 00:45:00
    Section 2: Implications
    Implications of Photography 00:22:00
    Future of Photography 00:30:00
    Final Photography Quiz 00:30:00
    • £29.00 £19.00 per 7 days
    • 120 Days
    • Course Badge
    • Course Certificate

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